Sankofa RadioIn Toronto

Sankofa Radio is a Ghanaian operated internet radio which runs 24/7 from Toronto Ontario. The word "Sankofa" in the Ghanaian language, Twi, translates as "Go back and get it". It can also be literally translated as "Go back to your origin" or "Seek your roots".

History of Sankofa Radio

Sankofa Radio was originally started by the late Nana Kwaku Agyemang and his hardworking wife, Sophia Abogye in September 5, 2004. Nana Kwaku Agyemang who was a Music Producer had earlier during 1998 founded the Ghana Net Radio (Internet Radio).

He started the Internet Radio because it was cheaper and easy to set up and a hub for playing our Ghanaian Music as the existing Radio Stations do not play them. It was the first of its kind in those days. Since computers were not common and due to popular demands Nana Agyemang added a traditional radio to meet the demands of the fans who do not have computers or unable to pay the high cost of internet.

Sankofa Radio runs on limited hours on Sundays and to satisfy the high demand of the fans, Sankofa Radio is now on the web 24hr access @